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自分が思っていることと違う状況になると、大きな感情が出てきて上手く対処できないことはありませんか? この動画では、期待・状況・感情の三角形を中心に、気持ちを和らげたり、コミュニケーションをスムーズにするヒントを考えます。

Body movement is our native language and our bodies store and carry our memories and feelings. While dealing with busy life, we tend to forget to listen to our bodies and may develop internal conflicts. This workshop offers a space for participants to listen to their bodies, to explore the body-mind connection, and to let their bodies express...

Have you been worried if you fit in or if you are good enough? Have you noticed holding yourself to meet expectations? Being a teenager is a tough job. Let's have a space to embrace your own characters and uniqueness using dance and movement. In this workshop, you will be invited to explore the body-mind connection, to play with different...

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