Trust What's There. Embody What Can Grow.

Welcome to Embodied Trust

Everyone has the power to heal through therapy that nurtures the mind and body and embraces resilience. 


My name is Junko Araki, LCPC, LPC, BC-DMT. I am a licensed professional counselor specializing in somatic psychology, dance/movement therapy, and sport and performance psychology.

My goal is to help you tap into your own strengths to overcome challenges and explore the unique dynamics occurring in your relationships, your family, and your community to unlock positive change.

When individuals come to counseling or consulting, they may feel out of balance, with difficult feelings, perceptions, behaviors, and thoughts. Embodied Trust aims to facilitate self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-exploration to rebuild wholeness.

My Core Principles


You are important.

You are unique.

Your story matters.


I trust in your potential.

I know you can regain access to your strength.

I believe you can build your confidence.


We work toward resilience and flexibility.

Stress is unavoidable, yet we can overcome challenges.


We aim for a sense of wholeness and balance.

We are not defined by one element. We are  multifaceted beings.

Services (Provided in English or Japanese)

Somatic Psychology

Dance/Movement Therapy

Sport & Performance Psychology